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In the third quarter of 2018, we collected experiences and media for our first publication. We posted our personal snaps on Instagram as Haus von der Dahme (our living history household), so friends could follow along. 

Cheddar and Chess Project - for Healthy Brains

Now, one of our projects combines our interests in history, artisan foods, and strategic thinking with our efforts to highlight and in some small way, alleviate food insecurity in the places we visit. There are many wonderful food provision organizations; however, quality protein is a challenging option due to the expense and storage requirements. Protein is, however, very important for brain health, and it keeps kids full longer, so they can concentrate on their schoolwork instead of their rumbly tummies.

Our 2019 Tours:

February: Makerspace Monkeys

March: NC Celts and Kites
October: Return to 
Harvest Festivals, including artisan cheese and pretzel making

Our 2018 Tours:
Harvest Festivals, including artisan cheese, sausage, and pretzel making
Pumpkins and Pine, featuring pine needle basketry
December: Gingerbread and Winter Celebrations, including Yule traditions


Want to create your own heritage tours? NC has several trails already mapped out for us:
African American Music Trail

Asheville Urban Trail

Barbecue Trail

Barnquilt Trail - NC (thanks to my friend at NCGypsy)
Blue Ridge Heritage Trail
Blue Ridge Music Trails of NC

Cheese Trail
Cherokee Heritage Trails

Cumberland Co. Cultural Heritage Trails

Farm (WNC) Heritage Trail

U.S. Civil Rights Trail - NC
Western NC (WNC) Cheese Trail

Women's History Trail - Macon Co.

Trail Creation Tools
Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Itinerary Tool

More NC Heritage Resources:

NC Museum of History

VisitNC Events

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