As the regional club chapters form and the club develops its own site and accounts, we'll add news here, on our blog, and on Instagram (tagged #bakers12club). Each chapter is currently seeking founding members and leaders who can offer guidance about one or more of the twelve +1, locally produced baking ingredients. Please email for more information.

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Bakers 12 Social Club

We focus on a Baker's Dozen of Locally Produced Ingredient Categories:

  1. Autumn Fruits

  2. Butter

  3. Caramel and Chocolate

  4. Cheese/Cream/Milk

  5. Cornmeal/Flour

  6. Eggs

  7. Honey/Molasses/Sorgum

  8. Peanuts

  9. Pumpkin

  10. Summer Fruits

  11. Sweet Potatoes

  12. Tree Nuts

  13. Wild Card - Baker's Choice

Let us know if you are interested in sharing space at a kitchen incubator or commissary. We are scouting locations now.

Special Events 2020


July 10th Blackberry Fest Alternative, Lenoir, NC (Mt. Social)

July 11th Battle of the Bands, Swepsonville, NC (Piedmont Social)

Sept 4th Apple Festival, Hendersonville, NC (Mt. Social)

Oct 11th NC Bacon Festival, Rocky Point, NC (Coastal Social)


Oct 24th NC Yam Festival, Tabor City, NC (Coastal Social)


Nov 7th Pecan Harvest Festival, Whiteville, NC (Baking Contest)

It's Sweet Corn Season in North Carolina.

Sign up for a $10 full-year membership at any of our market or special events. Members receive a 20% discount on market prices or pay at-cost for bulk, members-only purchases. Our market distribution and impromptu event dates are updated on social media as they sometimes depend on ingredient availability and/or weather.

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