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In the fall of 2018, we stepped into our first, themed adventure on our way from the coast of North Carolina to a living history event in the foothills. I felt a focus would help us select places to visit en route, and because the event included a medieval cheese making class, I decided to learn (and taste), how artisan cheese makers work now, in North Carolina.

I posted photos of our progress on Instagram, and friends began requesting a map, which I built after our trip. Our original Instagram account is Haus von der Dahme, my living history household name, the basis of my real surname, Daum ("of the river Dahme"). You'll see some of the first photos include sausages and pretzels, too, since it was the season of Oktoberfest - great fun!

And, it was hurricane season. We stopped at Left Bank Butchery in Saxapahaw, NC, just ahead of Hurricane Michael. The rain was fierce, but by the time we reached Pilot Mountain, we were able to cook one of their delicious Kielbasa sausages, despite the wind's best efforts to extinguish our campfire.

So why am I writing all of this on River Fork Media's site? RFM grew out of this first route and the things we learned. We continued our travels, adding other themes such as Gingerbread and Yule (Dec.), Monkeys and Maker Spaces (Feb.), and Celts and Kites (Mar.). And now, we are moving into a venture that brings some of our favorite items home to our friends and neighbors, using sustainable transportation and appreciating direct relationships with local producers. We'll also retain our commitment to food insecurity abatement in the places we visit. Please continue following us as we add to our maps and build resources, and do send us suggestions. We hope to have River Fork Transport up and running by pecan-pie-baking time!

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